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Three Consecutive Remote Sessions, a Five Day process 

Single Remote one person emergenecy session

Phone Therapy

In-person Therapy

Business and Multiple person rates will be calaulated on a case by case basis

Five Day in-person Regression Therapy  

Weekend Training Semiars

7 Level Correspondence Courses 

Phone Therapy: 

In-person Therapy: 


Day One: A one hour phone session with you formulating the detailed of the issues defined in your request. The session documents are then prepared and your week plan is outlined. 

Day Two: (1st session begins the Remote Spirit Clearing Work focuses on scanning, identifying, removing, and negotiating transformation of Dark Entities, Et's & otherwise including negative thought, and habits that create openings for Dark Forces Re-attachments) 

Day Three: (2nd session concentrates on finding, negotiating, removing and transitioning attached Lost Earthbounds from your body and spirit energetic fields)

Day Four: (3rd Session gathers the findings found in sessions one and two concentrating on Frozen Emotions and Unfinished Business held in Past Life Events that are effecting in the current time. These are investigated, desensitized, and resolved through Remote Regression Therapy Techniques)

In all three sessions Chakra, Distance Reiki Healing therapy is completed setting protection around your person, and enviorment.

Day Five: Reports from each session are processed and connected into your "Window In Time" document, as audio recordings are reproduced then sent to shipping. You can expect your packet to arrive with a week of the completion of our work.

Post Session: After you have had time to read your "Window In Time" document and listened to the recordings it will be time for you to take advantage of the Completmentary Hour Phone Session where you will be able to address your questions and we can discuss the process in detail. 


(Copy and paste to your desk top, complete the information and attach to an email to:

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Reason for Request: (enter your information here, taking as much room as you need)

With this request, the session requester gives permission for case histories to be used in research, written word, and/ or teaching sessions and professional material. We guarantee requester and client anonymity.




(REGRESSION THERAPY) My personal experience with Dr. Sutton’s regression work allowed me to recognize many of those deeply buried issues that even though I was living with complete ignorance of them, still impacted with much strength and in very real ways my life experience. Every step of the way allowed me to heal, release and open a few more doors leading me into areas of growth, recovery, healing, and strength. As we learn more about ourselves we gain amazing insight into our choices and our very purpose. When we do that, Love for ourselves becomes much more realistic and Joy of the path we are on flows with much more energy. DS. Ph.D. Energy Medicine Practitioner, St. Louis

(CLEARING AND RE-ENERGIZING THE  INNER~HEALER) There are instances when we are faced with a situation that we know we must resolve but look in our “tool box” of skills and experiences and just cannot find the right tool and the right skill to address

 In one of those instances I searched for help with great and urgent need for healing for one of my loved ones who faced what appeared as her own personal “Dark Night of the Soul”. Etheric brought me in contact with Dr. Sutton and with deep gratitude I am honored to recommend her amazing and powerful healing work at any time. Her experience and confident approach provided necessary comfort during the process. At the same time, while strong and confidently strict in the healing process. Dr. Sutton also radiates such true compassion and Love for the core of human Loving existence that it made me feel completely safe and comfortable throughout the whole process.

With joy I report that my dear family member was healed and recovered into her beautiful loving self; vibrating and shining her Light even brighter and stronger with more vitality than before and embarking on the next phase of her miraculous journey. DS. Ph.D. Energy Medicine Practitioner, St. Louis




Dear SJ, I want to thank you that somehow you were available when I needed you.  You were brought into my life to save me and I am grateful for that.  You showed me what emotional desensitization can do in the moments of the highest fear, in the moments of panic, when I just didn't know what to do, or where to turn.  Even in the moments when you were not geographically close to me you were able to help me over the phone.  You could feel my tension, you could hear my panic and fear and completely calm me down by guiding me through subtle energy and regression release. Your voice, your confidence that every situation can be resolved when you see that you are stronger than a fear.  Your guidance to lead me to an acceptance of a situation and through tapping released all kinds of negative energies, brought peace to me. You taught me how we actually dissolve all pain, fears, anger through EFT process by opening energy channels and at the same time accepting the feelings and dissolving it, knowing deep inside that we are not that feeling. We just observe how that feeling comes and goes and does not have effect on our being any more.  Deep inside we are strong, we are love and light.  
Many thanks to you.  J. A. Health Care Provider, St. Louis, MO



This letter is written to thank SJ for the Remote Etheric Clearing you performed on me for the releasement of what turned out to be a dark entity. If you will permit me, I wish to make a quick return to my "problem", how I received the "problem" and what it's effect was, and how your Remote Etheric Clearing released me from the discomfort I experienced. The chronology of these events took place over a period of nine months. I had just completed a course in advanced clinical hypnotherapy and was requested to assist another hypnotherapist with a particularly intriguing client. I spent about an hour or so with the client and took no real notice of what had happened. Within days of working with this person, I began to develop a rash on about 40% of my body. This rash was raised about 1/16 of an inch and very raw and itchy. I consulted several dermatologists and they could not identify this rash, nor could they provide treatment. Again, I went to conventional medical doctors, other than dermatologists, to gain insight and relief of this rash. By now ( months later ) this rash was consuming me mentally, as it was relentless in it's aggravation. My primary care physician said he had never seen anything like this, and suggested a biopsy of several sites. This was accomplished and the lab report came back "normal, healthy tissue". It was NOT normal, NOT healthy! This stuff was resistant to any treatment of any kind, and I was really getting agitated. Then, I thought of your Institute and your work with Remote Etheric Clearing... Prior to contacting you, I had -0- knowledge of Remote Etheric Clearing, and, as a trained professional electrical engineer, I had reservations about what could/would happen if we attempted a Remote session. However, I had no choice at this time, as traditional medicine, meditation, etc. had absolutely no affect on this problem whatsoever. I called you and we went over the chain of events. You recommended I read a book on Remote Depossession for information and you would schedule a time for my session. I obtained the book and began to read... "This is fascinating stuff!" I thought, "but does it really work?"


We were about 450 miles apart and I had no knowledge of when you would perform the Remote Clearing Session. One Wednesday afternoon, around 3:30 p.m. I felt a strange sensation that I will try to relate. It felt like something had lifted me up and a presence had been removed from my body, from the inside through the skin and away from me. I returned home and by 6:00 p.m. the rash was fading away. I contacted you a few days later to ask when you were going to "do me" and you indicated that the session had been performed on Wednesday around 2:30 p.m. ( one hour earlier in central time ) I was literally blown away at what happened! You sent a follow-up tape of the session along with a written description of what happened. This changed the course of my life! I know now that Etheric Clearing and Releasement, whether direct or remote, is VERY REAL and effective! My rash never came back, although I was left with considerable skin damage that healed in the conventional fashion. Your work is top notch, and I am proud to be one of your clients. Further research on this subject has indicated to me that a very large percentage of the human population has one or more entity attachments of all sorts. Your work is very much needed if we are to live our lives on our own, and not through the influences of other entities with other agendas. Thank you so very much for your time, energy, and inspiration! Warmest Regards, “GN”



I have an amazing story to tell you.  It is positively true. I am a Realtor and always admired a certain house which had a "castle" look with a turret.  I told myself that someday I would list that house and sell it, although it had been listed by two or three other Realtors who could not sell it.  After a long wait I finally got the listing.  I found a couple who really loved the house but didn't have the cash to buy it right away. Since the owner was anxious to sell, she agreed to "lease purchase" the property for a year, and then the couple moved in.  I soon found out that the couple constantly lied, didn't pay the rent and didn't keep up the property as they should have.  After many more lies (including the birth of "phantom" babies as the reason why they couldn't pay), the seller had to evict the couple and their children. We had to put the house back on the market.  Although we had several open houses and a lot of interest, we had no buyers.  We also were told by the police that the house had been broken into and a woman was raped there.


This is where SJ comes in.  When she came to visit me, I told her of the problem house.  She immediately suspected that there were Etherics occupying the house and they were claiming the house as their own.  SJ gathered the materials needed for a "clearing" and we headed down to the house. Upon entering, SJ immediately sensed Etherics.  We prepared for the clearing ceremony and then began.  SJ said there were three groups of Etherics occupying the house -- one on each floor.  Some left with a little urging, but one group needed a more firm command by SJ to leave.  When the clearing was completed, we left the house.  SJ was physically drained from clearing the energy.


Within two weeks' time, I had two offers on the house and an accepted contract!  We closed the sale with no problems. Patricia J. Pona, ReMax Gold, St. Louis, MO.