Biography's for Co Founders

 SJ Sutton, Ph.D. DCH. DAH. OM
 Jann Burner, MC.Ht. and Author

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Founder of Center Point Management

President/Founder of The Complementary Healing Arts Institute

SJ Sutton Ph.D. DCH. DAH, OM completed her Ph.D. in Philosophy, dual Doctorate degrees in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Alternative Healing in 2001. She brings more than 33+ years of blended experience in HypnoAnalysis, and business including management, at corporate, mid, and small business levels, with a strong background in sales and business. This creates a trainer, and therapist with solid management skills who has a passionate desire to see the work of HypnoAnalysis and Alternative Methodologies expand throughout the world. SJ has 16+ years of those 33 years, in field of Behavioral Analysis. In November of 1984 she completed a two-year clinical hypnosis internship followed by initial  certification. She officially began her therapy practice in 1985. She achieved 14 levels of advanced hypnotherapy training from 1987 to 2000, including that of Trainer/Instructor with the Hypnodyne Foundation. Included in those studies were courses in the fascinating fields of Non-Directive Hypnosis, Mind Probe Hypnosis, Regression Therapy, Past Life Regression, Depossession, Exorcism, and Remote Spirit Clearing/Depossession.

In the mid nineties SJ expanded her long time interest in Alternative Holistic education by completing a year and a half internship in Alternative and Wholistic Modalities. She studied Neuro-Muscular Therapy in BioMagnetics and Ozone / Oxygen Therapies, Healing Touch, and Herbal Tradition. She developed an ongoing research project that remains active. In 2001 SJ completed advanced subtle energy work specialty training achieving Reiki Master and Hands Touch Master status, as well as study in Emotional Freedom Technique. SJ works with the essence of spirit, through hypnosis and alternative healing. She starts with spirit clearing, moves into regression therapy, clearing past blockages, progressing into traditional, clinical, medical hypnosis, and alternative wholistic modalities. Maintenance is assisted with chakras balancing, energy clearly and promoting spiritual Balance through meditation.

In 2010, following a personal life altering illness Dr. Sutton set out to find the missing link between science and spirit to overcome what was diagnosed as the impossible.  She found herself in the midst of the controversial the field of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy totally not understood by traditional doctors or alternative healing practitioners. Realizing the disease of aging had so much to do with the loss of hormones in the aging individual, no matter what wellness or medical modality being used, the challenge was on. Through her personal inclusive program SJ has become determined to contribute to the process to find affordable answers for the masses. The research continues!

Assisting people in "awakening" from self-induced trance states. This is the job of Center Point Management and The CHAI.

Jann Burner Biography:

Jann Burner, Co-Founder of Center Point Management, Vice President of “The Complementary Healing Arts Institute, ‘The CHAI”, and Internationally Acclaimed Columnist and Author, Jann Burner, a native San Franciscan, has spent 30 plus years studying and experiencing the vast and remarkable mind ground of the human spirit. He has written numerous articles that connect centering of the human spirit to mystical past lives. As an introspective thinker, Jann uses his knowledge of culture, religion and history to create a unique focus that stimulates the mind opening spirit energy to those who are ready to metabolize the essence of the muse.

Jann is a graduate of San Francisco State University with a BA in Creative Writing, Television and Film. He is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, is a scholar of hypnotherapy research and an Ordained Minister. He has a audio and book on called, The Last Wooden House, that is an eye opening experience into past life through an adult futuristic fairytale.

He is currently writing a sequel past life regression with a twist called The Memory Palace. His articles are internationally published and he currently has E-zine, (magazines on the Net) articles on various sites. Jann brings a discipline of concentration to his clients from his days as an air traffic controller where his keen sense of standing in the moment was honed to perfection. These skills bring his clients impeccable quality in his work as a hypnotherapist as well as a script designer. Truly a gifted communicator of the written word.

You can find hundreds of Jann's articles and columns on google or bing by entering Jann Burner. He is published world wide. 

"So, tonight, I was thinking about the Waking/Sleeping thing, and how we notice when we are in a process of 'waking up!' but we always fail to notice when we become 're-entranced' or fall asleep. Why is that? Sometimes it can be doing a simple thing, like buying something in a store and suddenly, everything will change. Suddenly things will become brighter, the clerk more alert, the surroundings more vibrant. I will 'awaken' as if from a trance. And it will be wonderful! I will be truly 'hanging out in the now!' and then, before I get home, it will be but a memory, a recollection, a 'fantasy', a 'might have', 'could have', 'should have' been experience. And then I will be in a deep robotic sleep again, dreaming of 'being', instead of actually 'BEING!'

"As humans we are like spiders, we pass from one spot to another and we leave a trail of our intent and our expectation. It is the beginning of our 'web'. At first we may rationalize it as a 'bridge', it facilitates our getting from one place to another, but we do not stop there. Soon we have a full blown intricately created web of our intention: our DRAMA! And soon we become trapped within the dream web. We become the fly and fall to playing victim, forgetting that we are not only 'The Fly', we are also 'The Spider' who created the web in the first place! What is the web actually created out of? Now what do you suppose the sticky substance on the individual strands that hold us prisoner is? Fear.

"Fear is just the dark suitcase carried in the hand of Mind, the supreme dramatist! Don't combat it or argue with it or even fear it. Just take off your mind and bask in BEING! The mind will creep back, again and again. Don't fight it, just watch it do its 'mind dance'. But note that each time it returns with its seductive 'drama', the black bag that it carries will become smaller and smaller until it is hardly a wallet. And then--merely a dark calling card and then one day, just an ironic smile."

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Affiliates: Albert University Faculty Member, American Board of Medical Hypnotherapist, Hypnodyne Foundation, Hypnodyne Foundation Instructorship, Board member of The Light Workers Alliance [Center~Point Management Training Center is a preparatory school for Albert University]

Memberships: American Association of Professional Hypnotherapist's, International Council of Alternative Research and Education, The International Network of Alternative and Intuitive Therapies, Inc.(INFAITH ).
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