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The Journal of A Perimeter Man Vol. IV  METAPHOR BRIDGE
The Journal of A Perimeter Man Vol. II  MOTOR ZEN
Tales From The Children of The Sea Vol. I  THE LAST WOODEN HOUSE

Blueprint For An Alternative Practice

By SJ Sutton, Ph.D. with Jann Burner

It’s all about Desire, Determination, and Dedication

If you have heard a different drummer playing your life’s tune, celebrate your individualism, it is a gift. If you feel a burning desire to become an alternative practitioner, you possess the determination to act on that intuitive pulling, and you have the dedication to find a career path in non-traditional education, A Blueprint For An Alternative Practice, is for you. It will be a guide through the forest of non-traditional education leading to a Doctorate program in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Alternative Healing. It has taken me many years, one course at a time to blaze this trail and I wish to share the information I have discovered.

This is a book about taking credit for one’s life and work experience. We show you how to gain validation for those tattered certificates put away somewhere in a box. You know, the ones from the many workshops that you have attended which turned into multiple seminars scattered over the years. The ones that you’ve taken year after year and yet somehow never received serious "credit" for. If this sounds like a riddle or a rhyme, it’s a story that rings true over and over for many people in the healing professions. “How can I put it all together?” I kept asking myself this same question until I decided to step out of the box and find my own path. When the process became a reality, there was an urging, a quiet nudging, to put the trail on paper and share the findings.

A Blueprint For An Alternative Practice is for those who have had to pick up their education along the trail of life instead of over a four or five year period in a standard university setting. Perhaps you have found your strengths, your inner voice, your own truth, later in life. Perhaps your passion has been slow to grow. Whatever the reason, there is value in your life experience. This book illustrates, “How to take credit for those skills learned in life.” Remember those night classes, the hours, the knowledge gained, the ones you spent your hard-earned money for? Oh, and let’s not forget about those workshops you were going to take, just for fun? You know, the ones that so intrigued you that you spent the next ten years taking every related course, seminar, and reading every book you could get your hands on that was remotely related to the subject of your intrigue? Those are the seminars, courses and workshops we’re talking about! They all have value. One just needs to learn how to put those achievements down on a sheet of paper, and begin to describe them. This book will show the reader how to write about what was learned in each workshop, class, seminar and course. The reader will be shown a path, a blueprint towards becoming a therapist in alternative healing. But it is just a single path, my personal path. Is it easy, nope, and just what have we ever done that was easy? But is it attainable? Yes.

A Blueprint for an Alternative Practice, is what it says, a “How to put together a non-traditional step by step process of developing a life plan, that can lead to an advanced degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Alternative Healing.” We show the reader how to use previous course work and life history to a positive advantage. How to find the training centers and universities that will equip one with the necessary skills and courses needed to achieve a Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Alternative Healing, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy. Readers will learn how to study the demographics of an area in order to establish a practice. In short the reader will learn how to re-invent themselves for the 21st century. There are a lot of people in pain and confusion in this world. Every hand is needed. We all have a box of tools, which we have collected over the years. Some would say that these tools weren't "collected" all in one place and time and therefore have no real value. We suspect that possibly these tools are very ancient and through the process of life and experience we are merely remembering skills long forgotten. Learn how to get credit for these skills.

It’s never too late, never out of reach, one just needs to know where to look to find the brass ring. This is not a “How To Book for Sissies.” It takes guts to stand up to the controllers of traditional concepts and blaze one’s own trail. This book is about claiming accreditation for…being human. It’s about staking ones claim! It’s about doing it now, or doing it later, but doing it.

"The Last Wooden House," by Jann Burner

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There is a new trend in "Popular Fiction", as well as in films. This new
fiction is reaching much deeper than the standard "Chase", "Soap Opera",
"Cops & Robbers" mode. This new (ancient) genre might be called Speculative
Fiction and it asks questions of the reader or film viewer. These are the
three prime questions posed by Harrison Ford in the science fiction classic,
"Blade Runner". These are, "Who am I?", "Why am I here?" and "How much time
do I have?"

In recent successful films as diverse as "The Truman Show", "The Matrix" and
"A-I" we see producers offering up a deeper level of involvement for the
audience. The world apparently, is often not what it appears to be.
To that end, here's an adult mythic fairy tale entitled "The Last Wooden
House". In it we see a dire prediction for human kind but with a very
positive ending. As the story opens we find that mankind has been extinct
for at least a couple of thousand years. But a new species has risen to the
top of the evolutionary ladder and these beings have the ability to change
their appearance for short specified periods of time, much the same as we
might change our clothes. And these advanced beings, in their wisdom, have
chosen to preserve certain artifacts from the Age of Man and one of these is
a perfectly preserved Victorian house, standing high on a hill overlooking
the ocean in the site that used to be occupied by the city of San Francisco.
As the story opens we find that this is to be a two hour tour of The Last
Wooden House. During the course of the tour the guide, appearing as an
elderly woman, describes in detail what the rooms in the house were used for
to a group of human appearing guests (who have never been human). She also
confides to them that one of them is to have a happy bonus, for in becoming
human for the duration of the tour, one of them will have been imprinted
with the entire history of the house and everyone who has ever lived within
its walls. This turns out to be a very elderly gentleman who wears a name
tag simply identifying him as."HARRY".

In the course of the tour Harry slips away from the group because he has
such rich impressions about the house. His explorations lead him to a lower
sleeping room with a fireplace. Without knowing exactly why, Harry knows
that there is a secret in this room. Soon he discovers that the mirror above
the fireplace is hinged and pushing it open, he removes an ancient suitcase
and places it on the bed. Opening the suitcase he discovers what first looks
like a bowl of small tropical fish gently held in a vibrating blue ring. He
holds it up to the light. What he has stumbled across is quite possibly the
rarest and most valuable thing on earth. He has discovered an ancient bowl
of Human Dreams!

Harry quickly drinks the mixture and then after returning the suitcase to
its place behind the fireplace, he watches his face in the mirror to see
what will happen. At this point the story "really" begins and for the
duration of the two hour house tour, Harry stands looking into the mirror
and experiences a "Human Dream". This specific dream follows Harry (as a
young human) trying to find meaning in his life, trying to find the face he
wore "before he first peered into the mirror". In it he discovers about past
lives and how concepts are turned into reality as well as the answers to
questions which plague us all. In the end he discovers that he is, in fact,
a white dolphin! Or is he? There is a double surprise at the end of the

A fundamental change in the perception of time is happening. Intention is
now of prime importance. The Imagineering of "intention" is now more
important than any bottom line. Companies, technologies, entire new ways of
being are evolving so rapidly they resemble time-lapse photography of
flowers growing. Yet this is no illusion, no mere fad. This is the human
mind become engaged, creating a mass bubble of intentionally.
Things are moving so fast today that it is as if we are passengers in a
moving vehicle and the panorama we observe sliding by outside can be
called history. We are dealing with vision tools being put to work. It is
like we are falling to a cybernetic center where what we imagine--becomes
reality. We are becoming engaged in a synchronistic sense of the now. We
are engaged in an epic journey, not of discovery but of creation. The
present moment is not so much a statement of fact as a state of mind.

Jann is a native San Franciscan (3rd generation) and a graduate of San
Francisco State University (in film). He has previously published articles
and short pieces in markets like the old SF Examiner's "California Living",
"Sea Kayaker Magazine" and one series sold but never published to "
Stone Magazine
". He presently lives deep in the woods of Southern Missouri in
a small log house. His partner and he have a hypnotherapy business,
( where they specialize in the more esoteric
aspects of hypnotherapy like "Spirit Clearing", "Remote Depossession", and
"Remote Past Life Regression". His writing now has become rather like a
spiritual discipline that he just keep doing as a pathway for others. He has written another book entitled "Motor~Zen", about his experiences and insights as a taxi driver on the night shift in San Francisco (1977-1987).


The Journal of A Perimeter Man Vol. IV  METAPHOR BRIDGE
My intention is to create a bridge for the Spirit to walk over.  It is not the content, nor the political slant that is important, nor even the creative ability exhibited within the juxtaposition of the words upon the page.  It is instead, a process as old as Man: the naming and claiming of reality, metaphor by metaphor.  This is the Metaphorical Imperative,  as strong as the drive for food or water.  This quest, which has driven the human race from the very beginning, is, in the final analysis, the quest for the seed of Truth.
 This book is a compilation of articles from many places where I attempt to explore the use of metaphor by offering up common wisdom in an uncommon manner. 
The Journal of A Perimeter Man Vol. II MOTOR ZEN
When I was a younger man I spent over 3,000 ten hour shifts behind the wheel of absolute reality called a Taxi, on the night shift in San Francisco!  During that time I carried a notebook as another man might carry a side-arm or a flask.  This book contains my impressions of what I saw and learned.
 Tales From The Children of The Sea Vol. I

This is a mythic fairy tale for a future time.  It is the story of a time in the distant future when Man is no longer present on the planet and the mere idea of humans is thought to be a “myth”, or worse, a rumor.  The new dominant species are dolphins.  Shape-shifting dolphins who, for the duration of the story, decide to take a tour in the guise of humans, of the last wooden house in the ancient historical City Site once known as San Francisco. But there are a couple of surprises and there is a Vol. II in progress.

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