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Frequently Asked Questions:

Documented and compiled by Jann Burner


     How do "spirits" attach to people?

  • Clinging to grief.
  • Severe or prolonged stress or exhaustion.
  • Illness, surgery, anesthetics.
  • By invitation.
  • Use of drugs, illegal or prescription.
  • Organ transplant.
  • Mental, physical or sexual abuse.
  • Unwillingness to forgive self and others.
  • Hanging on to hatred and pain.
  • Revenge toward another.

How common is Spirit Attachment.

Spirit possession is an age old condition, a notion at least as old as written history. Reincarnation is an ancient belief prevalent among most people on the earth. Healing therapies in the West, based on these concepts, appear to be new within this century. In clinical practice, the open minded therapist with a working knowledge of these modalities will find evidence of both conditions; past life trauma and spirit attachment.

How come I haven't heard of this before?

Science, Religion and Spirit Work differ widely in their acceptance of possession and depossession, however exorcism is practiced in all religions in some form or another, and has always been a part of alternative healing practices. Science has a hard time dealing with the question of why some patients don’t get well when all signs point to a life of health and wellness while other patients recover and live well when scientific "facts" point to death or terminal existence. Until science can find a way to accept spiritual influences in the healing of the human energy field, there will be resistance to the concept. We don't have the definitive answer. we just do the work we are called to do by the Universe and leave the rest to Spirit and the individual’s own free will choice.

Explain the process of clearing a spirit from me? 

Spirit Clearing Therapy is the process of releasing single and grouped entities (earthbound, demonic or extraterrestrial), conducting sub-personality and inner child work, and recovering fragments of consciousness. The treatment of spirit possession historically has been in the hands of Shaman medicine men or clergy. Baptism and christening of infants is a form of exorcism. Finnish sauna where the attendant uses beating with branches is a form of exorcism. The Native American sweat lodge is also an example of depossession of unwanted spirits. Spirit Releasement goes by numerous names and is performed all over the world in one form or another. Spirit Releasement, Depossession, and Spirit Clearing are but a few of the names given to the process.

Six Phases of Spirit Clearing Therapy:

  • Discovery and identification of any attached discarnate spirits or entities.
  • Identification and diagnosis.
  • Dialogue with the spirit.
  • Release of the spirit into the Light.
  • Protective LIGHT augmentation.
  • Ongoing therapy.

Each entity is handled differently, the transformed dark entity is used as an assistant to search out and assist other dark ones to make the transition. With assistance from the rescue forces of the Light, the transformed entities are taken for retraining to assist in the transformation of others like themselves.

 What is the difference between exorcism and spirit clearing?

Transformation is the significant difference between exorcism and spirit clearing. With exorcism the dark being is removed from the host but put back into the universe where re-attachment to the same host or another human is possible. Sort of like pulling a nail from a tire and then tossing it back onto the road. With Spirit Clearing we facilitate the transition and transformation of the attachment. In the case of Dark Entities they are retrained as rescue workers. Earthbound attachments are re-united with loved ones in The Light and with Extraterrestrials, they are advised that they are interfering with a Spiritual entity of free will, and they usually will depart.

What about extraterrestrial attachments?

The dialog used with extraterrestrials seeks to identify the purpose of their attachment. Once the extraterrestrial becomes aware that their presence is an intrusion on the "free will" of the client, they most often are willing to return to their origin. Most of our experience with ETs has led us to believe that they are here to "observe".

How are Earthbounds dealt with?

Earthbound spirits are discovered, and persuaded to leave and shown the path to their own light portal. They normally are just confused dead, who have gotten lost on their way home. They may have died in their sleep and don’t realize they are no longer in their bodies. Sometimes earthbound spirits are loving relatives who think they are doing good. We explain to them that they are interfering with the client's free will and once they realize that they have options they are willing to leave.

Is the dialog similar with working one to one (spirit clearing) or from a distance (remote spirit clearing?

Remote Spirit Clearing Therapy uses the same concept as one on one therapy except Remote Spirit Clearing Therapy work from a distance.  The scanner lends themselves as an instrument or medium for trans-travel to a remote target for the purpose of viewing, identifying, and removing Dark Entities, Et's and other attachments. Time and space have no confines in this state.

What, exactly, is Spirit Clearing, through Remote Viewing?

The scanners job is to move part of their conscious attention across time and space to the client, wherever they may be. Then the they interact with the spirit of the client dialoging with Dark Entities, ET's and Otherwise for the purpose of their removal from humans, property and frozen emotional trauma lost in time.

How would I know if I have attachments?

Typical Statements by People with Attachments.

  • I feel that there is a block preventing me from...
  • I was different before this happened…
  • I am afraid I'll do it again…
  • I do it even when I don't want to…
  • Something seems to hold me back…
  • Something just comes over me…
  • I'm scared I might have to do that again…
  • I don't ever want to go through this again…
  • I watch myself doing it…

  Are there any books which I could read that would shed some light on this topic?

One of the most informative books written on the subject of earthbound is Spirit Releasement Therapy by Dr. William Baldwin. Other books have been written by various authors calling the process different names, including "Spirit Clearing" and "Depossession."

Our book "A Blueprint for an Alternative Practice" has chapters dedicated to Spirit Clearing and or Releasement Therapy also called deposition therapy.

One of the original, seminal works in the field was written by Dr. Carl A. Wickland in 1924 called 30 Years Among The Dead. It was reissued in 1980.

Where can I get training in Spirit Clearing?

We offer training, however searching the web may give you many other alternatives to choose from. We know other practitioners but we are not clear currently who is teaching.

Do spirits really incarnate and can attachments follow a soul?

We are all incarnated spirits. And spiritual entities often have no sense of time and apparently can follow a soul from one life to another. Without intervention a spirit may disengage at death and reattach with a newly incarnated human.


What is the difference between Remote Spirit Clearing and Distance Reiki?

Remote Spirit Clearing is Soul Retrieval where by the scanner sends a piece of their consciousness to travel and find the client’s spirit body for the purpose of clearing interfering spirits.

Reiki is healing energy. Distance Reiki manifests the spirit body to the Reiki practitioner
where healing energy treatments are given. In one procedure the practitioner travels to the body and in the other the body is manifested in front of the practitioner.

What are nested familiar family entities?

Nested family entities: Nested entities refer to similar attachments connected to re-incarnating individuals who often re-join familiar communities, and families from previous lives. Often entities appear to re-attach life time after life time without intervention. This familial connection appears to thread through spirit essence from one community/family to another.

What sort of research are you doing regarding nested family entities? 

Rationale supporting nested family entity research: there also appears to be connected familial etheric threads that require less energy of the scanner when re-entering the energetic system of connected family members. The information gained from this research may well provide data lacking in familial nested entity research and the results of their removal on the respective persons and family members. It is our goal that this project provides valuable support to the less known field of Psychosynthesis-Hypnoanalysis.